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Rob and did you hear that storm 

Water camp, and we had taken our now normal place onto the island, away from the main land. Going into late evening it started to spit with rain, nothing too bad, but it was a little heavier by the time the camp went to bed. However by the middle of the night the storm hit, a big lighting strike, must have been close as I woke up as the ground shook. Within no time my phone rang, odd I thought, even odder when it was Rob calling , to ask me if I heard that -  I thought two things  a) of course I did , how could I not and b) what was Rob calling me on the mobile for – he was in the tent next door to me

Tins on fire – survival

The idea of survival camp was for the older / experienced Scouts, to disappear from the younger scouts and leadership team “surviving” for 24 hours, making shelters, fires cooking their own food and taking part in various tasks. It was also up to the team to keep themselves entertained where they could as boredom could easily set in. They had obviously found the fun game of putting tin cans on the open fire and waiting for them to explode, all fun and games when you are sat away from the awaiting explosion. Now at night I always take it upon myself to keep checking on the surviving Scouts to make sure everything is all ok, now this time as I approached, via he fire with the small camp beyond, all I could hear was giggling and lowered voices, didn’t think anything of it until I heard an all mighty explosion, just behind me, laughter in front, then quite as the Scouts realised not what they had done, but who they so nearly had done it too!!


The above are just two stories of many i have already written reference my Scout camping stories