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Number 42 - hold a snake

1st of January 2017 to 31st December 2017 straddles my 50th birthday year. With my birthday on the 15th of June. It seems like a good time to try a few tasks that i have either been thinking about doing for a while but put off or a few new challenges that i hadnt thought of but thought , why not ? this site is to keep me focussed, but please contibute where you can, through out the challenge

Little Alan meets big Alan


December  - and it was do you die time, managed to get the last resturant out of the way with a visit to  Greek place, and pushing myself two bike rides were completed in different rides across Town. Number 17 - and recreating five phots was complete with the first photo of Fiona and myself. Forcing myself to attend a gym class completed 16, though my arms hurt the next day! Finishing of the time capsule - really good as the hole in the garden had been dug some five months earlier. That just left completing the website- number 37- easy enough. But it did look like my nemisis was going to be left. I started 14 - learn to juggle in January but put it away, and then again throughout most of December but to no avail. However one determined session on the evening of the 30th of December, brought a few runs of four, one was on film, good enough, and some how the 50 at 50 were complete!

End Game

With the juggling sort of completed adn the website complete, a year of exciting challenges comes to an end. These chalenges could not be completed with out the help of my nearest and dearest, especially my wive Fiona who has encouraged me all the way. Some of the challenges have been expensive (Helicopter ride) others didnt cost a penny (Meet five Alan Finigans on Facebook) . Some have been physical (100km walk, Tough Mudder) some have been to learn a skill (Juggling,make a birthday cake). All have actually been fun and pushed me i all sorts of ways. This one of year will never leave me (especially the tattoo) but in a lot of ways gald its now done and complete. However some of the adventures might now become annual events at least (theatre visit has already been booked up and the golf day is now a family annaul tournament. so thats it - just this might make an excellent book!!!!

Number 47

Number four Complete Southwest  Tough Mudder

The Tasks

1) Get fit enough to take part in 100km hike and Tough Mudder (Complete) 

2) Complete 100km hike 1n 30 hours, Staines to Oxford (Complete)

3) Raise £400 sponsorship for the hike (Complete)

4) Complete South West Tough Mudder (Complete)

5) Still be playing football at 50 also to keep at least three clean sheets (Two so far, three games played after my birthday (Complete) 

6) Millenium hike (25 miles, overnight) with the Scouts (Complete)

7) Sort out Croyde Bay light (extended family) (Complete)

8) Start my book (Started)

9) Give to charity (Complete)

10) Buy a big issue (Complete)

11) Make  birthday cake for Fiona (Complete)

12) Send a message in a bottle (Complete)

13) Give Blood (Complete)

14) Learn to juggle (Complete)

15) Use at least 25 forms of transport (Complete) 

16) Take part in a gym class (Complete) 

17) Recreate five photos from my past (Complete)

18) Wear a card that says "i am fifty today" on my birthday (Complete)

19 Get the model Thunderbird Alan, photographed in at least 50 places (Complete)

20) Read a classic book (Complete)

21) Half marathon in fancy dress (Complete)

22) Weekend trip to London with Fiona (Complete)

23) Create a time capsule (Complete)

24) Go to an England football game (Complete)

25) A round of golf (Complete)

26) Visit the theate (Complete)

27) Learn and serve a cocktail (Complete)

28) Learn at least two new knots (Complete) 

29) Visit a casino (Complete)

30) At Least 10 bike rides of one hour or more (Complete)

31) Litter Pick (Complete)

32) Drink and record at least 50 real ales (Complete)          

33) spend an evening in a pub without feeling guilty (Complete) 

34) Apply for a TV programme (Complete)

35) Helicopter ride (Complete)

36) White water rafting (Complete)

37) Run a blog of the challenges (Complete)

38) de-clutter (Complete)

39) Eat from 10 different ethnic resturants / takeaways (Complete) 

40) Write a letter to my 70 year old self (Complete)

41) Host a wine tasting evening (Complete)

42) Do something that scares me (Hold a snake) (Complete)

43) Go on a picnic (Complete - not quite how i wanted it - but a picnic)

44) Start a fire without using matches (Complete) 

45) Introduce myself to five people on Facebook with my name (Complete)

46) Create a steam syrup pudding like my mother used to make (Complete)

47) Tattoo (Complete)

48) Go horse racing (Complete)

49) Take part in a dance class (Complete)

50) Balloon ride (Booked) ride cancelled - to be taken next year - moral completion






Tasks - completed

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